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Dr. Kroll's Longevity Program


How  exciting it would be if we could prevent virtually all the chronic  degenerative disease that we associate with the aging process - the  heart disease, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, autoimmune disorders,  multiple sclerosis, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease!  And how  even more exciting it would be if we could reverse these diseases  once they occurred.  And how exciting it would be after recovering from  these maladies to know we could add ten or more years to our lives.   The really exciting news is that all these things are now achievable -  and without the need for expensive drugs.

And  what's more, adequate scientific knowledge now exists to delay and even  to reverse the aging process.  So how is this possible?  Consider the  following:

Aging  can be defined as an accumulation of progressive disease processes that  finally result in breakdown of body functions - heart, brain, liver,  kidneys, bones, and muscles.  Thus, if we could prevent the major  chronic degenerative diseases (atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart  disease, stroke, cancer, senile dementias) we would prolong healthy  life.  And if we "cured" or reversed these same diseases for  people who have them, have we not, in fact, "reversed" the aging process  in that individual?  Even skeptics should agree that reversal or  mitigation of these disease would significantly slowdown the aging process.

 For the past thirty years I've been refining simple programs to prevent and reverse these common chronic diseases and slow down the aging process.  I  am now confident that this program can add ten to thirty years of  healthy life to any average middle-aged American eating the average  American diet!! (About 90% of the American people)

So, how does the Living-Healthier-Longer Program work?  Here are the basics:  First the program is customized to your personal metabolic, genetic and lifestyle profile.  This program then serves as  the basis for me to design a Living-Healthier-Longer Program customized  to your personal needs.

All  of this is at a small fraction of the expenses and morbidity involved  in our traditional drug-and-surgery-based approaches to disease.  Who  among us wouldn't prefer preventing or reversing coronary artery  disease, rather than taking a $200,000 journey to a life-threatening  quadruple-artery cardio bypass surgery and years of drugs to follow?   (Even if "my health insurance with pay for it.")

Or,  preventing or reversing diabetes as opposed to daily insulin  injections, infections that require hospitalization, kidney failure,  weekly dialysis, feeling terrible and removing of gangrenous toes or  feet?

Dr. Kroll's 2015 new book, "Living Healthier Longer With Dr. Ken Kroll" is available at Amazon Books.