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After  twenty-five years of a busy surgical practice, Dr. Kroll became Vice  President and National Field Advisor for PrimeQuest International (a MLM  company located in Monterey, CA) , promoting the sale of nutritional  supplements and a unique group of herbal extracts - Adaptogens.  The  product was subsequently sold to Life Science Technologies, where Dr.  Kroll stayed on as consultant for new product development and product  promotion.  Life Science Technologies then sold to Advantage Marketing  Systems of Oklahoma City, where Dr. Kroll became Head of Research and  Development, remaining the pre-eminent authority on Adaptogens in the  United States.

Concurrently,  Dr. Kroll consulted for two other companies, The Right Solution in Las  Vegas, NV and PrimeQuest International of South Africa.  He did a Japan  speaking tour in Tokyo and Kobe for The Right Solution, and subsequently  a multi-city speaking tour in South Africa for PrimeQuest International  of South Africa.

In  2001, he joined Legacy for Life in Melbourne, FL, initially as a  consultant, and then Vice President of Research and Development.  Dr.  Kroll successfully headed a small group of scientists for studies on the  use of Legacy's hyper-immune egg product (Immune 26) for the management  of AIDS patients in Eastern Africa.   Three scientific studies came  from his nine-month stay in Kenya and Uganda.  Dr. Kroll worked  personally with the Ministers of Health of both countries and with the  KEMRI (Kenya Medical Research Institute), and with TASO (The AIDS  Support Organization) in Uganda.

Following  his return from Africa, Dr. Kroll went on to develop anti-aging and  wellness products for Legacy for Life, One World Nutrition, Synaura  International, NutraSmart International, and several other network  marketing and direct sales companies.

In  addition to a Bachelors degree in Biochemistry (Rutgers), and M.D.  degree (Harvard) and surgery specialty training (Stanford), Dr. Kroll is  Board Certified in the new specialty of Anti-Aging and Regenerative  Medicine.  His 2015 book, "Living Healthier Longer With Dr. Ken Kroll"  is available at Amazon Books.

Dr.  Kroll is part of a  new vision for healthcare in the Western world.  It  involves an important restructuring of medical care that moves  increasingly toward a "functional" medicine that focuses on disease  prevention by addressing the underlying causes of disease.